Facilitation Tools and Resources

Tools and Resources for Using the CBPR Model for Reflecting on your Partnership

The CBPR Model provides a logic model, or storyline, for how partnering and community engagement can transform your research to better serve communities. We offer a dynamic facilitation guide that explains how to use the model as a visioning tool to identify your own partnering practices and desired outcomes. Below you will find tools, resources and videos to help you along the way.

Facilitation Guide for Visioning with the CBPR Model

This PowerPoint presentation is available as a guide for using the CBPR Model as a Visioning Planning Tool.

The below video provides instructions on how to use the CBPR Model as a visioning tool for community engaged partnerships to plan their desired partnership processes and outcomes. It shows an example of a 2017 visioning session among partners from the University of New Mexico and Albuquerque Public Schools, when they developed a research agenda to promote implementation of ethnic studies courses in high schools. Also features examples of other partnerships envisioning and re-creating their own CBPR Model:  Australia’s Oral Health Teeth Tales Partnership; a plan for Social Development for Urban Youth; and goals for substance abuse prevention etc.