Who We Are

Center for Participatory Research

MSC09 5060
1 University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM 87131

Physical Location:
Medical Arts Building II
Rooms 201-205

Phone: (505) 925-0715
Fax: (505) 272-4494

Meet the Center for Participatory Research Team


Photo: Nina Wallerstein, DrPH, MPH

Nina Wallerstein, DrPH, MPH
Director, Center for Participatory Research

Email: nwallerstein@salud.unm.edu
Phone: 505.272.4173
Photo: Victoria Sanchez, DrPH

Victoria Sanchez, DrPH
Associate Professor

Email: visanchez@salud.unm.edu
Phone: 505-272-9471
Photo: Orrin Myers, Ph.D.

Orrin Myers, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

Email: OMyers@salud.unm.edu
Photo: Magdalena Avila, Ph.D.

Magdalena Avila, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

Email: avilam@unm.edu
Phone: 505.277.8175
Photo: Lisa Cacari Stone

Lisa Cacari Stone
Associate Professor

Email: lcacari-stone@salud.unm.edu
Phone: 505.690.4404
Photo: Lorenda Belone, PhD, MPH

Lorenda Belone, PhD, MPH
Assistant Professor

Email: LJoe@salud.unm.edu
Phone: 505.272.3634
Photo: W. Gill Woodall, Ph.D.

W. Gill Woodall, Ph.D.

Email: gwoodall@unm.edu
Phone: 505.925.2316
Photo: Blake Boursaw

Blake Boursaw

Email: bboursaw@salud.unm.edu
Phone: 505.272.4465


Photo: Rebecca Rae MCRP, MWR

Rebecca Rae MCRP, MWR
Associate Director of Native Tribal Participatory Research Programs

Email: RRae@salud.unm.edu
Phone: 505.277.7759
Photo: Logan Shea,  M.A. Latin American Studies

Logan Shea, M.A. Latin American Studies
Program Coordinator

Email: LjShea@salud.unm.edu
Phone: 505-925-0715



Photo: Sumaira Abrar

Sumaira Abrar
Research Assistant

Email: sumairaabrar@unm.edu
Photo: Katonya  Begay

Katonya Begay
Research Assistant

Email: KatBegay@salud.unm.edu
Photo: Hope Johnson

Hope Johnson
Research Assistant

Email: hojohnson@unm.edu
Photo: Felicia Otto

Felicia Otto
Research Assistant

Email: fotto@unm.edu
Photo: Abigail Reese

Abigail Reese
Research Assistant, CNM, MSN

Email: areese@salud.unm.edu
Photo: Maia Scarpetta

Maia Scarpetta
Research Assistant

Email: MjScarpetta@salud.unm.edu